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The Main Street Merchants series has any number of fictional settings, such as Neptune, the restaurant where Jackson Graham is head chef, and Swept Away, Kate Bennet’s bookstore. But sprinkled among the fictional are a number of actual locations that readers can—and should—visit on their next trip to Cambria.

Here are just a few settings of note that appear in the books, with links you can follow to learn more:

Moonstone Beach. The namesake of the first book in the series, this beach with its tide pools and its mile-long boardwalk will be familiar to anyone who’s visited Cambria. Lined with hotels that offer stunning ocean views, Moonstone Beach is perhaps the most famous feature of Cambria.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. This wonderful 430-acre preserve, including dramatic bluffs overlooking the ocean, includes a network of hiking trails enjoyed by locals and visitors. You’ll find Fiscalini Ranch in Moonstone Beach as well as in Nearly Wild. 

Cambria Pines Lodge. The lodge is a terrific hotel on twenty-five acres of property. It’s got a restaurant, a pool, a bar, and stunning gardens that have to be seen to be believed. Gen and Ryan share their first kiss on a bench in the gardens in Like That Endless Cambria Sky. 

Robin’s. This restaurant is a favorite with the locals, and it’s also where Rose and Will have a friendly lunch early in their relationship in Nearly Wild. I’ve eaten there many times, and my personal favorite is the lobster enchiladas.

Linn’s. This Cambria institution is the spot where Rose and Will go for dinner—then end up blowing off the main meal and going for olallieberry pie a la mode instead.

Kate’s house. This Marine Terrace house, where Kate lives on the top floor and Gen lives in an apartment downstairs, is available as a vacation rental. My family and I have stayed there twice. As the website says, it truly does have a breathtaking view.

Leffingwell Landing. This lovely park that sits to the north of Moonstone Beach offers picnic benches, a grassy area, parking, barbecues, and breathtaking views. Rose and Will have a picnic dinner here in Nearly Wild.

The Cookie Crock. The main (sometimes only) grocery store in Cambria. Admittedly, this place gets only a brief mention in Nearly Wild. But it’s worth including here, because it’s a Cambria fixture.

I’ll update this list as the series develops. It’s like the Linda Seed tour of Cambria!

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